IMPD: Listen To Indianapolis Police Scanner Online Free Live Streaming

If you are a fan of detective stories or police procedural shows on television or if you’ve ever had dreams of becoming a police officer your self. Or maybe you are just looking for something a little less ordinary to listen to any standard selection of music. You may want to try listening to a free police scanner.

Police scanners are available online and generally operate through either Windows media player or some other audio streaming software that can be downloaded online police scanners work the same way, an Internet streaming radio station does meaning that the broadcast is transmitted over the Internet to your computer but instead of your standard music or talk radio format. The Internet police scanner will patch you through to the police radio frequencies, meaning that you will be able to hear the calls that police officers are being dispatched to in the Indianapolis area, things such as domestic disturbances, robberies, and any other situation that a police officer may need to respond to.

Listening to these police scanner broadcasts can give you a unique insight and appreciation for the Indianapolis Police Department. The software will usually have controls that are similar to the standard DVD player with a pause play. Fast forward and rewind button as well as a specific button that will allow you to change to the various operational channels that the police department may use. It may also be helpful, should you wish to have a deeper understanding of what is being transmitted between the officers if you were to acquire a book on 10 codes. 10 codes are a numerical system, which law enforcement officers use to describe a particular situation. For instance 10 — zero is the code for caution or officer needs assistance, 10 — six is the code for busy or standby and await further instructions and of course 10 –4 means that everything is okay. Or that the officer has received and understood the order. The ten code system was developed in 1937 to help officers communicate at a more rapid pace over the radio waves, as well as helping to ensure that they would be understood, minimizing the chances of a misinterpretation or a garbled transmission of an order or request.

Having the ability to listen to Indianapolis police scanner online free will not only provide many hours of free real life police drama, but it will also provide a deeply educational experience as you will get to hear first-hand. Just exactly how valuable your local police department is in maintaining law and order in society.

There are many free websites available that will allow you to listen to Indianapolis police scanner online free broadcast 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year. However it should be noted that sometimes these police scanning services to require the user to download a software component there is a list below of the top three websites for listening to free online police scanners in the greater Indianapolis area.