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Tampa Police Scanner Online Free – Stream Live Police Radio Frequencies

A police scanner can be a very useful tool to have around. Not only is it a valuable asset during emergencies, but it can be useful for everyday things. Public safety channels broadcast everything from weather updates to gossip. For the curious, it can be a funny little hobby. For others, it can be a way to keep in touch (figuratively) with loved ones who work in law enforcement or emergency services. It can be an essential link to a spouse, child or friend.

It’s easy to listen to police scanners in Tampa for free. You don’t have to pay for software or buy a ham radio to set up in garage. All you need is access to the Internet and some geographic knowledge. Most feeds are separated by jurisdiction (for example, a county Sheriff’s department would be on a different band than the city police). There are usually “unified” channels that are used for state-wide issues, such as incoming storms, blizzards or the like. A little experimentation can help you find them.

You can start by checking out, a website dedicated to public safety channels. This website only hosts radio feeds for firefighters and police officers. You won’t find your favorite radio station here. It’s a user-friendly site that feels natural to use. It lets you choose from a variety of players, so you don’t have to download any pre-existing software before you can listen in. Simply search for the county or area of Tampa you want to listen to.

If you want something more cerebral and a chance to interact with like minded people who love ham radio and police scanners, you can check out sites like Master Scanner and Radio Reference. These are sites that provide exact frequencies for specific jurisdictions. Not only that, they have a lot of user support to help you troubleshoot any scanners you own.

You can also turn your mobile phone into a police scanner by downloading applications that can help you access the bands. Police Scanner, 5-0 Police and other applications found in both the Apple and Google Play store are nifty free programs that allow you to access not just US police scanners, but international ones too. Just keep in mind that many states frown upon using scanners (even if it’s just a souped-up phone) in vehicles.

Theoretically, you can also jury rig any radio applications in your phone to intercept police bands, but the FCC may have something to say about that too.

So for the curious, the obsessed and the naturally inclined, here are just a few ways to listen in to what’s going on in your neighborhood, without ever leaving your house! Be sure to check your state laws before downloading or listening into software. While most states legally allow private citizens to listen in without any trouble, others ask you to apply for permits. In Florida, any police scanner violations are considered a misdemeanor offense.

Use police radio safely and responsibly shouldn’t lead you to any trouble. Happy listening!


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Here’s some tips on how to watch miami heat vs. spurs online for free. Remember these tips aren’t foolproof when it comes to streaming sports on the internet.

Legitimate streaming sites like JustinTV let you stream everything from Formula 1 to tennis on your computer. The catch is that most of the sports channels on this site are foreign channels. If you are a fan of European football, rugby, racing or tennis, bookmark this site. The foreign titles may, however, make it hard for you to navigate through to find the exact game you’re looking for.

If you don’t have time for a full game, check out fan-uploaded highlights on YouTube. Most of these highlights are uploaded by serious fans who want a chance to share their favorite game moments with the world. All major leagues also have official streams, with best-of highlights, interviews. But full games are never posted on YouTube, or removed within a few hours. The upside is official streams are often posted in super high-def. is another good bet. Unlike some of the other sites out there, this aggregate site leads you directly to a video link without the hassle of “free” downloads. The site offers video feeds of everything from football to motorsports all over the world. However, the site is ad-heavy, which can slow down older browsers and interrupt the streams.

Wiziwig is also a good aggregate, but remember to bypass the links that ask for downloads. The site has a generally safe rating and isn’t considered a source of harmful malware. To play it safe, remember to check out the Flash video links, which are usually provided. Good luck and enjoy your game!

police radio frequencies

Baltimore Police Scanner Online Free: Listen To Live Police Radio Frequencies

policescanner-50Who would tune in to a police scanner? Surprisingly, a lot of people dial that frequency all over the world. It’s simply a matter of finding a scanner website that you enjoy. Then it’s a simple matter of searching for the state, county or even the country you want to tune into. So if you want to tune in to the Baltimore police scanner, you can do it absolutely free.

Many different people use scanners to keep track of crime, traffic, loved ones and even current events. While awareness of their usefulness jumped up during the Boston Manhunt, around the world many people have been listening to scanners for years. Enough so that countries like Australia actually have rules banning people from listening in.

If you’re curious, it’s easy to begin listening in. The first thing you should do is make sure you have a high-speed Internet connection and a working computer with the ability to run the latest software. Many of the websites below require the latest plug-ins to run properly and to make your user experience as bug-free as possible. Most of these sites run well on Macs or PCs.

You may want to site with sites like or Radio Reference will help you find live feeds all over the US. These sites specialize in radio feeds that include Internet radio, news and even encourage users to self-broadcast.

Public safety feeds are easy to find just by typing keywords in the search bar. Press enter and you have access not just to Baltimore’s police scanner, but emergency services, firefighters and even air traffic. You can refine your search so you can listen in to specific precincts or even specific stations. There are times that a little knowledge comes in handy and can save you a lot of time.

Another free avenue you might want to consider is downloading scanner apps into your smartphone. Both Android and Apple offer scanner apps for free. Applications like 5-0 Police Scanner Lite are free and offer extra features if you choose to go with the paid version. Police Scanner + Free is another similarly designed application. Both of these apps are available from the App Store. Android offers Police Scanner from Google Play, which consistently has the highest reviews of all the free apps. Just don’t be tempted to use this in the car, as most states frown on using one while you drive. (You have to avoid that speeding ticket somehow).

Amateur radio hobbyists may also enjoy sites like the DXZone and They’ll help you take your radio hobby a step further. ScannerMaster, for example, lists where you can acquire actual police scanners or radios. Before you take that step, make sure you know if your local laws frown on having an physical scanner in your possession.

Listening to a police scanner can give you a new appreciation of what goes on in law enforcement. Not only that, it can even help you keep track of what’s going on right in your backyard.

Police Radio Feed

El Paso Police Scaner Online Free – Listen To Live Local Police Radio Frequencies

Tuning in to the local police frequently once meant you needed to hunker down in a garagpolicescanner-50e, tinker with your CB radio and spend most of the day or evening listening in. This was a popular hobby back in the day and led to some pretty unexpected outcomes. For example, a man in Asia once saved an entire crew trapped in a sinking ship simply because he strolled by his scanner and heard their panicked chatter. Realizing that they were near his location, he called the local coastguard.

You don’t need to build an elaborate CB system in your garage these days. While nothing as dramatic may happen to you while you listen in, ordinary citizens use police scanners to do a multitude of things. It can help you plan your morning by letting you which streets to avoid or give you a blow by blow account of that accident that stalled traffic all way to 1-110. It can help give you up-to-the-minute weather reports when storms or tornadoes hit. Not only that, you can simply listen in to see where your taxes go.

All you need in an Internet connection and an updated browser with all the necessary plug-ins. Many of these websites use Adobe Flash, so if you’re browsing from an Apple computer it may detract from your experience. However, Apple does provide plenty of Flash apps to help you get around the hurdle.

Sites like allow you to access police scanners for free, simply by typing in El Paso or Texas in the search bar. You can narrow down the search even to county frequencies! The site lists county locations in a handy map interface that allows you to point and click. Broadcastify allows users to choose the type of player they prefer or to use the site’s embedded player. This makes it easy for you to not just find the police scanner frequency but set it up to suit your preference and connection. presents a more cerebral experience. The site describes itself as the world’s largest radio data provider and it lives up to the hype. While you can easily search and access the El Paso police scanner frequency or any frequency you want, the site is user-generated. Updates include frequencies that are out of commission, police dispatch updates and user-provided frequencies. The site’s user forums may also add to your experience, as you will a diverse group ranging from casual hobbyists to true enthusiasts. Registration is free. is better known as a radio streaming site that allows access to different radio stations all across the world. The nature of the site allows you to search and find the El Paso police frequency with hardly any trouble. However, the site needs Microsoft Silverlight (PC) or Quicktime (Mac) to work smoothly and stream without issues. Understandably, this can turn more than a few people off the site if they have to continuously download or upload.

These are just a few of the sites that allow you to access police frequencies without spending a single penny. Remember to check local state laws before tuning in and just enjoy.

police radio frequencies

Boston Police Scanner – Listen To Police Radio Frequencies Online Free

Are you looking for follow breaking news in Boston as it happens? It could be that you simply want policescanner-50to know what goes on in your neighborhood, keep track of traffic or even updated weather forecasts. It makes it easy to keep tabs on loved ones who work in law enforcement. Other people use police scanners to keep track of firefighters, EMT and even mundane traffic reports. Police scanners aren’t limited to cops — most sites also have access to EMS, railroad and even aircraft databases.

It’s so easy, you don’t even need to download the software to tune into a Boston police scanner. All you need is a reasonable Internet connection and updated browsers. Make sure your software is up-to-date as this will affect your streaming experience.

Before you start listening, make sure possessing police scanners or scanner software isn’t a legal issue in your state. In many states, the only time a police scanner borders on illegal is if you possess one in your car. The laws are not clear about mobile applications. In Boston, for example, using a police scanner isn’t illegal nor do you need a license to operate or own one.

However, citizens tuning into scanner sites and live-tweeting events as the Boston marathon unfolded have complicated matters. Boston police temporarily took the frequencies offline to avoid misinformation. While this has not currently led to any changes in legislation, Boston citizens may want to keep a look out. The incident also brought public police scanners into the public eye.

Meanwhile, you can easily tune in to free sites like when you feel an urge to listen to public safety feeds. Simply search for Boston in the handy custom search and listen in. Radio Reference is one of the oldest scanner sites around. It’s also generally considered to be one of the most complete. It also lets you tune in to frequencies worldwide. It offers plenty of information for the casual hobbyist or the hardcore enthusiast, including user forums and plenty of tech information.

Broadcastify is a site that allows you not only to listen in to audio feeds, but broadcast them too. The user interface is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is search for Boston or select it from their handy map. The site’s streamlined design is easy on the eyes and you can continually switch from one feed to another. The only downside of the site is that too much traffic can slow it down.

UStream is another handy site to bookmark on your browser. While UStream mostly caters to live video streams and broadcasts, you can listen to Boston police scanners on this site. It’s not as user-friendly as Radio Reference and you may have to experiment with search terms and go deeper into the site to find what you want. The upside is that UStream offers more than just scanners and you can chat with like-minded people while finding out what’s going down in the fine city of Boston.

These are just a few of the sites that offer free access to Boston police scanners. You’re sure to find a go-to site that you enjoy. Happy listening!

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Phoenix Police Scanner Online Free : Listen To Live Local Police Radio Frequencies

Nobody listens to police scanners, only trouble makers. This is what everybody is saying over the decision to make these “conversations” public. Everybody says they’re boring. Still as boring as they might sound, making police scanner available for an audience is a good decision of Phoenix Police Departments. The people need to be informed over the dangers that may happen, how to avoid them, how to treat them!

Being informed about police activity keeps citizens from harm’s way and also gives them the opportunity to help the community.

A pertinent example of how law enforcement and citizens can work together is the recent event that happened in Boston, where civilians worked together with law enforcement in managing the situation of April 15th.

Also, a police radio scanner can be useful in getting information about a traffic jam or car accidents, and how to avoid those routes and useless waste of time. Natural disasters are something no one can prevent, but still being informed about them and how they evolve can help people plan their next moves regarding their safety.

Citizen’s safety is the main reason why police radios have been made public because it’s good if not vital knowing if something major is going on in your city, it keeps the people involved and the law enforcement transparent and honest and also raises awareness of the dangers in a community.
Most of the police departments transmit and receive on Federal Government assigned frequencies such as VHF and UHF, they are not using the FM standard frequency so they cannot be heard on a normal car radio or a home one.

Along with the advancement of technology, police radio scanners have evolved too. If in the beginning of the 2000s a police radio scanner meant a special device with an antenna of various dimensions, these days you can tune into police frequencies online, from the comfort of your home or car and using your personal laptop or Smartphone.

Listening to police radios has become a very easy thing. Here are two awesome websites that are extremely easy to use can tune you into Arizona’s law enforcement frequencies.

The reason why these two websites are the first you should take into consideration when wanting to get informed over Police Department’s actions is because they are very easy to use. You just select the State you live in in, or the state you want to get informed on, then select the city and that is all, you can pick whatever you want to listen to. You only have a few buttons to press.

However, if you do decide on keeping yourself informed over daily events, always remember to remain neutral over current actions of law enforcement. It may not be the best idea for all the people listening to police radio stations to start chasing villains on their own, because first of all, this action does more harm than good. Police Departments are the only ones assigned to solve these kind of problem, and unwanted civilians will only create a big glory-hole and can even blow up a whole operation.


Los Angeles Police Scanner Online Free: Listen To LAPD Live

When you live in or are visiting a place like Los Angeles, there are plenty of things to do. However, being in such a big city means that there is likely a higher crime rate as well. One way that you can keep yourself safe is by staying informed as to what is going on in your neighborhood through listening to Los Angeles police scanners for free online. Many sites have access to California police radio codes and will broadcast them for their listeners. There are a few major websites that let you do this, and best of all it’s free for you!

Broadcastify is one major website that lets you listen to police scanners in Los Angeles. Not only do they have a great service, but they also will copy the scanner traffic below the feed, so that you can read along if you missed something. This is a great feature, but it’s also difficult to use because it doesn’t update in real time. Another thing that you may notice about this site is that it uses the Adobe Flash plugin, which means that you need to make sure that your computer is updated with the latest version of Flash in order to use this webpage.

The URL for this feed is If you are in another area of the country, Broadcastify has many other feeds that might be interesting for you to listen to as well, including police and fire frequencies.

Venice311 is another great feed, but the site isn’t as useful as the Broadcastify one because you can’t see the raw data of the scanner below the feed. This site also uses Adobe Flash, so you will need to make sure that your Flash plugin is updated in order to use this. One interesting thing that this site has which differentiates it from the Broadcastify site is that they use Twitter to tweet out the most interesting scanner news. You may or may not like this because the tweets on their Twitter feed aren’t necessarily what is going on at that moment, and they are also written conversationally, rather than just stating the facts like the one on Broadcastify. The URL for this page is

If you want to experience a group of different feeds and test your luck with some others, there may be an option for you. LAPDScanner is a combination of a great twitter feed and a website. They combine a Twitter stream of both commentary and things that are happening on the police scanner. This means that not only can you listen to the Los Angeles police scanner online for free, but you can find plenty of other scanners that you can use if your main one goes down. Their website is available at, but you can also follow them on Twitter. Their name is @LAPDScanner. By using any of these websites and keeping track of what is going on in your area, you are helping to keep yourself and your family, friends, and neighbors safe.

Police Radio Feed

San Diego Police Scanner Online Free – Listen To Live SDPD Radio Frequencies Online

In this article, I’ve explained some websites that help us to listen to San Diego police scanner online for free.

A quick Google search is enough to show anyone that the internet is flooded with websites offering you all kind of police scanners on a golden platter. But it’s very hard to separate out the good websites from the ones trying to slip you a malware in the process. Let us take a look at some of the good ones –

1. [] – This is the one that you will be using the most if you are looking for a website that, put simply, works. It is an advertisement free non profit, established and maintained for and by hobbyists and enthusiasts of San Diego. It offers high quality streams on very impressive servers that are capable of handling extreme loads. Follow the link or search Google for this website. The scanner app is right there on the landing page. The thing that impressed me the most about this website is that the scanner app is set to load before everything else, even the site logo and name.

2. Broadcastify [] – Broadcastify is an awesome website that looks great, works smooth and has never suffered a downtime due to high traffic. It even supports streaming the feeds directly to the players installed on your PC, like media player, itunes and winamp.

Follow the given link or search ‘San Diego’ on the search box for cities at the bottom of the page. San Diego will be listed under exact matches. Click on the county name. You will then get a list of police, fire and railway scanners. The websites lists their status(online/offline) next to them and allows you to select the player for the stream. Select the desired player and click on the feed name or listen button to start the stream.

3. [] – This is primarily a radio website and looks kind of clunky but is a real piece of breeze once you get to know it. First off, there is no search option in the website, so you’ll have to navigate a lot to find the radio you want, or you could click on the link I provided. If you clicked on my link, you’ll immediately start streaming the scanner, otherwise, go to USA under countries and select San Diego from the listed radios. You will then be shown a page full of radios in san diego. Search one by one through the list and click on the link that you want.

4. Streema [] – This is a really good website that has 136 scanners that cover almost all of the USA and some parts of Canada and New Zealand too. Just open the website, type ‘San Diego’ in the search box in the top right corner of the page and hit enter.

You will get a list of cities in the middle of page with San Diego being the first option. Click on the link and you will come up with all the radio stations in Chicago. Click the ‘scanner’ link under genre and you will get the links to the scanners for police and fire department. Click on whatever you want to stream and the web player will start.

Although there are many other websites that are good and reliable, these four are at the top of their game.

This is all there is to it. I hope you had a fun time finding out how to listen to San Diego police scanner online free.

Police Radio Feed

Listen To Jacksonville Police Scanner Online Free Live Streaming Frequencies

Have you ever been curious about the latest events happening around you in Jacksonville? Remember that time when you heard a rumor about something happening down the street like a robbery or a car accident, even a traffic bottleneck but you didn’t know if it was true. You can listen to Jacksonville police scanner online free Police Radio Scanner online? Those scanners can come in quite handy for listening to a wide variety of wireless radio conversations ranging from communication between Emergency Service personnel, Air Traffic Controllers, National Weather Service and even Nascar Pit Crews for the racing enthusiasts. You always on the ball, you know the action before it fully unfolds.

Making use of a Police Radio Scanner online is quite simple to do as long as you fulfill a few basic needs, like the use of a computer or similar device with speakers and an internet connection. No big deal for the masses, right? Great I thought so.

Finding a Police Radio Scanner online to listen to is quite easy, you can type in ‘Police Radio Scanner online” into the search engine of your choice and go from there. There are also quite a few great websites that you can visit to listen in on the latest events. Here are some listed below.

One great site is This site has been around for quite some time and they offer a wide range of options to choose from so that you the listener can get exactly what you are looking for. Options include the Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services, Police, Railroad and also air traffic control. In addition to that also offers trunked radio system information and FCC license data. Just type in the URL and click on Live Audio and you are on your way.

Another site you can use to listen to Jacksonville police scanner online free is They offer just about everything has and has different category that you can choose from to help making your use of the site easier and more relevant. Categories include Most Popular, New Feeds, Top Feeds, Official Feeds etc. so users can easily navigate to what they might be looking for in any area of the country. even offers an on the go service, which includes fully featured mobile web site that is supported on most smartphones, and tablets.

Last but not least there that offers users the chance to listen to Jacksonville police scanner online free. There is a wide variety of public safety broadcasts including police, fire, air traffic, public transportation, weather you name it. Finding the scanner on this site might be a little tricky but once you type in “scanner” into the search field you should be able to go from there. You can search by genre i.e. search for scanners within Air, Fire, and so forth. This site tends to show scanners that are in your local geographical area first in search results.

Listen to Jacksonville police scanner online free whether you’re a freelance journalist, trying to catch up on what’s going on in your area or simply just looking for a hobby. No extra equipment and expenditure required, just you computer and your internet connection.


Listen To Columbus Police Scanner Online Free Live Streaming Frequencies

In today’s world the thirst for information has more than doubled, and thanks to the internet, most tech savvy persons can get the info or news they desire at the click of a mouse. Take for instance, the emergence of free online police scanners, which have brought a remarkable exposure to the day to day operations of the police or even the fire department. Some might argue that this is a detrimental trend, which can only be beneficial for criminals in their pursuit to avoid, and even deter the long arm of the law in apprehending them. Or as some might remark these apps happen to be rich fodder for “nosy parkers” or even rumor mongers.

This notion is however, invalid and to listen to Columbus police scanner online for free not only keeps the general public in such an area abreast of some of the most crucial operations the police undertakes, but also serves as an important channel for journalists to gather groundbreaking updates on the going in and out of their local police station. Using free police scanners online gives the public a remarkable idea of just what peril these brave and courageous professionals face in the line of work daily. It is no wonder that most states turn a blind eye to what would otherwise be deemed as an unnecessary intrusion to the crucial affairs of the police department, and by extension fire department.
There are numerous apps, and websites that can accommodate anyone inquisitive enough to listen to Columbus police scanner online for free and the best offer quality real time streaming of police frequencies all around the country. And come laden with a galore of features that make the experience infinitely worthwhile. These include not only recording the transmission you wish to eavesdrop on, but also sharing or even taking accurate notes of the events that pique your interest.

This has lead to the public being more informed of the some of the most pertinent operations the police are involved in, which consequently, raises their regard for the dangers policemen/women face in their line of work. Take for instance the recent Boston marathon bombing event, which most tech savvy individuals kept track of via these indispensable apps, and which culminated with the police apprehending the culprits. The hunt down was extremely breathtaking, as can be attested by the media circus this event elicited

Nevertheless, it was only a select few who had the pleasure of following the entire operation through this astounding means. Thus, should anything out of the ordinary happen on your side of Ohio, it would be wise to listen to Columbus police scanner online for free, which will enable you to get the whole scoop of such an event.