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Las Vegas Online Police Scanner: Listen To Local Radio Frequencies LVMPD

Do you live in Las Vegas? Ever hear an ambulance or police siren close by and wonder where they are going? Or maybe the power has gone out in your part of town and you want more information? This is where using an online police scanner can be beneficial. And let’s face it, it is pretty interesting listening to the chatter between the officers and dispatch.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) MOBILE APP

I have used an app on my phone before and it was free. It was also simple. Using an online police scanner for free on your computer can be a bit more tricky. When you search for free online police scanners, there will be many sites who say they offer it. Be careful. Most of these are either spy ware, malware, or just plain trying to sale you something. Beware of any free site that requires that you download something.


One of the easiest sites I found was It has an easy to use menu, a map of the United States and uncomplicated access to police scanners. By choosing the listen option, it will show you a map where you choose your part of the country.  It will also show the different city and department live audio feeds which you can click on.


Another site I found was This site took a little searching through but you can find police scanners in your area and other parts of the country. By typing police scanner, it will pull up a list of online and live scanners. For this article, the search came up with Kent, Michigan, New Orleans, and Los Angeles.


My personal favorite site is This site is not only free radio but it can be used on your phone and laptop. It is also pretty user friendly. By just going to the top right side for search, I typed in my local county ems and fire. Then it was just a matter of selecting what I wanted to listen to. Tunein does offer a paid subscription or free use and with the free use, you get the occasional ad.

These are just a few suggestions and with some research, there are probably many out there. Spotting the real deal from the scams also takes a little bit of work but in the end, the result is worth it. Police scanners can be fun to listen to but in today’s world, they are also a useful tool. Happy hunting!

Police Radio Feed

Live Police Scanner Frequencies & Police Scanner Apps

If you are looking for information on how to listen to live police radio scanner frequencies online for free, then you have come to the right place. There are many ways to do this. For instance, you can either visit some websites where you can tune in to the broadcasts from your computer. Alternatively, you can download some police scanner apps on your smart phone. These apps will also help those who wish to learn how to listen to live police scanner online.

It is common for interested parties to listing in on police radio frequencies. Journalists and concerned citizens get first hand information on crime and other happenings by listening to these broadcasts. This means that there is no reason why you should not download your own apps and start hearing the chatter as it happens.

However, you need to review what the law in your local area says about tuning in on the broadcast apps. In as much as these scanners are legal within most states, your state may restrict their residents from using these apps under certain conditions.

Using Police Scanner Apps

There are different scanner apps for different phone models. Read on to find out about some of these police scanner apps:

1. 5- 0 Radio Police Scanner

This app is free on the iOS. You can download it from the Apple App Store to use on your iPad or iPhone. Currently, it is among the most downloads apps. It also has over 11 million users.

This is mainly because it comes loaded with ham and emergency radio feeds from all around the globe. You only need to browse by city, state or country and save the favorites. You can even share these with friends, family members and other acquaintances. What is more, the 5-0 Radio Police Scanner app has a reference guide for the police 10 codes and meanings.

2. Scanner Radio Pro

This police scanner app works on Android operating systems. It costs $ 3 and gives you the ability to scan channels while waiting for news about big events. To listen in on a real emergency happening, you should use the app to check when more than 1000 users tune into any channel. This is an excellent indication there is something you may want to hear. In the same way, you can use Scanner Radio Pro to view the top 50 police broadcast feeds. To do this, browse by genre and locaton.

3. Emergency Radio

You can buy this app from the Apple App Store for $ 1. Emergency Radio will pick up the largest spectrum of radio feeds from the police. This gives you access to the information between transmitted between the law enforcement officers. The list of feeds available on Emergency Radio has been growing. Therefore, you can save and search your favorite channels whenever you want to. What is more, you can listen to the feeds in the background as you run other apps on your Apple gadget.

4. Other Police Scanner Apps

There are many other apps you can use to listen to police scanners. These include:

a) Cop Radio Police Scanner- works for iTunes

b) Police Scanner Free- works on Google Play

c) Police Scanner 5- 0 which also works on Google Play

Learn More About Police 10 Codes and Meanings.

During their radio communications, the police use certain number codes. Therefore, as you learn how to listen to live police scanner online, you will also need to understand these police 10 codes and meanings. Some of the common codes used have been listed below:

10- 0 means Cautions

10- 1 means the Signal is Weak

10- 2 means that the Signal is Good

10- 3 means Stop transmitting

10- 4 means Message Received

10-5 means Relay

10- 6 mean Busy

10- 7 means out of service

10- 8 means in service

10- 9 means Repeat

10- 10 means fight in progress

Top Emergency Codes

In case of emergency, the police will use the following common codes:

10- 11 which signifies there is an animal problem.

10- 15 means that there is a civil disturbance

10- 16 reports a domestic problem

10- 18 means that the situation is urgent

10- 31 means that there is a crime in progress

10- 70 signifies a fire alarm

10- 78 is used to request for assistance

Overall, there are many more codes used by the police to make the communication easier to understand and follow. Once you download any of the police scanner apps and learn how to listen to live police scanner online, you can sit back and get the updates as they stream in.


Anaheim Police Scanner Online: Listen To Local Police Radio Frequencies

A lot of households in this day and age should have at least one computer in their house and preferably with access to the World Wide Web.This spread of the use of computers and Internet has helped people keep a close ear to the local police scanner.

People around the country have discovered ways to listen to the police scanner frequency for a while already, but the development of its use on computers and websites is new. Now anybody can easily access the various choices.

There are many services available and some are more common than others. For certain smartphones there are even dedicated applications to listen to police scanners. It is also possible to just use the smartphones web browser to access the local police scanner.

Being a diligent citizen of Anaheim has it ever occurred to you that there are ways to listen to the local police scanner, thanks to technology we have several ways at our disposal to use.

Some possibilities include listening to the scanner and trying to listen for any criminal activities in your area or neighborhood.

Anybody with access to the web can listen for live and updated traffic information. This can help you plan your route accordingly and avoid the mentioned areas.

Things such as accidents or calamities are also first heard on the police scanner. If there is a fire close to your area or even somewhere else, it is great to know that you can be updated directly via the scanner and act accordingly.

The world and technology has made major strides for the past few years and it is now possible to pickup the police scanner signal wherever you are in the country. Even deep in the woods or on top of mountains, technology has given us the ability to communicate wherever we are.

For the citizens of Anaheim that are interested in finding out how to access and listen to their local police scanner, listed below are a few options. All websites mentioned are recommended for their service and quality of content.

The first choice would be this website gives us live and up to date news and information.Just check out the different areas they cater to and look for Anaheim. Without signing up anybody can just listen to all the available scanners. there is a large list of places you can check out for different frequencies and links to online police scanners.

Take a chance as well on, wherever you are in the country you can access this very useful website, that lists all the available online scanners as well as a very useful search function. Just type in wherever you are and it will look for the nearest available scanner.

The large database on is also a good starting point if you are looking for the Anaheim police scanner. They have a few links and frequencies to log into so by all means give them a try.

Whatever option you choose, I am certain that it will contribute to a peace of mind and more awareness.

police radio frequencies

Cincinnati Police Radio Frequencies: Live Police Scanner Online

People have been listening to police scanners for years. With technological advancement, this trend has grown as many people have more devices like computers and phones they can use to listen to police scanners.

To satisfy the demand, there are many websites that will enable you to listen to police scanners at no cost at all. Mobile Phones Apps have also been developed that are specifically tailored to allow any interested person access the police scanners from their phone. The advantage of listening to the police scanners is that you become aware of what is going on around you as you are able to listen to live streams of what the police are up to in your area. If you are in a position to help the police in any way, you can then communicate to the police and relay the information you have. If you live in the Cincinnati area, here are some ways you can listen to police scanners at the comfort of your house.

Go to

This is an online media outlet that allows you to listen to as many audio live streams as you want. You require an account though to be able to access the information. This can be acquired free of charge but premium services attract a small fee. Anyone in the Cincinnati area can easily access police scanners easily from this site and listen to live streams of what is going on in your area and the world at large.

Phone apps

There are many Apps available in the market today that you can use to access the police scanners on your phone. You can download these apps on your phone that will enable you to listen to the police scanners wherever you are. The best part is that most of these applications don’t cost you even a penny. Some of these phone apps include Police Scanner Free and 5-0 Radio Police Scanner Lite just to mention but a few. One advantage of using your phone to access the police scanners is that you can access the information even on the go.

Radio Reference

Radio Reference is among the largest data providers and has a frequency database that you can use to listen to any live streams from anywhere in the world. If you are from Cincinnati, go to the Hamilton County – Cincinnati Fire/EMS feed to listen to all the live police streams in your area.

Next time you are in need of live information and updates on something that the police are doing in your area, just log on to your computer or your phone and listen to the police communication and updates. This way, you will be better informed on what is happening around you and also provide you with a platform to offer any help to the police. Listen to the police scanners and be in the know on what is happening where and when so that you can take appropriate measures when necessary and keep the police informed when you have information they might not have.


Bakersfield Police Scanner Online: Listen Live Local Police Radio Frequencies

If you are a citizen of Bakersfield and ever wondered if there are ways to tap into and listen to the local police scanner, we have a few options that you could possibly use. There are a few choices but there are some that stand out more, because of the quality and choice in service.

Most people now a day have at least a computer at home with an Internet connection and this development has helped concerned citizens listen to the police scanner. These services are so wide spread and common that even a few smartphones have dedicated applications catered to picking up on a police scanner signal.

Being able to do this has helped people in various ways, for example you could listen to current and up to date traffic information. Another possibility would be to listen to accident reports, to either avoid that certain area or if its in your neighborhood maybe even lend a hand.

For ease of mind any person could also listen to the police scanner and see if there are any criminal activities nearby.

Technology has developed so rapidly that its pretty easy to pickup a police scanner signal from anywhere in the country. The rapid development of tech has made it possible to reach even the most desolate areas.

We can help you do just that. If you are a concerned citizen in the Bakersfield area then please have a look at the options below for ways of listening to the local police scanner online. The sites we recommend are free and are also the best ways to be able to listen to the local police scanner.

The most popular site would be, this website offers up to date information on both police and the fire department scanner. It is easy for any user to tap into the local police scanner, the web site does not even require you to sign up or log in. Just press the button to listen right away.

Also have a look on, which offers scanners for many different places and high quality police scanner signals. This website offers a larger choice because it does not focus on just one area. So wherever you are in the country, you can just type in the place and if it is available tap right in.

On the website of, the police scanner for the entire county is available. Also on this website you can find different places and their corresponding police scanner signal. If you are looking for another area to listen to, you can always just search using the sites function to do so.

The large collection of usable links on also includes ways to listen to the police scanner. This website has a large choice of areas to choose from and it also covers the local Bakersfield police scanner. Just type in the desired area to look for the police scanner you would like to listen to.

Whatever option you choose, I am certain that it will contribute to a peace of mind and more awareness.


Santa Anna Police Scanner Online – Listen To Local Police Scanner Online Free

There are several ways you can listen to scanners but only a few stations would permit high quality frequencies and uninterrupted services. For many years this device has been solely used by the crime investigation departments, mainly police officers. They used it to communicate and to find coordinates to reach places where they begin their investigation.

With the passage of time, people in America and Canada have taken a turn in finding various hobbies. People who hunt, camp and show similar affinities for hiking are always in concern for being attached with a police scanner. The main reason is because they provide necessary information on places where they should and should not be. Moreover they also assist them in keeping updatedby the on-going criminal activities around them.

Now people can listen to police radio frequencies through iPhones where they are made to download an application which will connect them to on police radio and firefighting departments. In this way once would easily gather information on ongoing accidents or criminal activities nearby. They could afterwards report the suspicion or bring assistance to the victims of an accident.

Not only this but these applications can also search for various frequencies pertaining toemergency departments or at times AM and FM frequencies. They stream clear signals with best sound quality and most of the time the service remain uninterrupted in remote areas. With all these features they require you to make the download with certain amount of fees.

If you don’t know how to listen to police scanner in Santa Anna we can enlist some of the best online resources for you. All you need to do is to have an internet connection and the website will automatically stream the link for radio. Following are some of our best selections for online police scanners in Santa Ana. is one of the popular sites for online police radios. Their appearance in the search results tells how extensively they are used among people of Santa Ana, California. They provide various links to Individual County and describe the relevant agency with which it would connect. is another website that will establish your connection with orange county California. Find the audio link on the website and you will be directed to an external link where you can listen to live audio of police scanner. has a wide list of all US counties where you can listen to police radios of any location in America. They provide clear transmission of radio signals online while you can turn on your laptops or other devices for undisturbed audio transmission. You will be directed to an external website where the system will provide alist of feeds to access police radio frequencies online. will let you view a number of lists that directs to external radio links for various states and their cities in America. All you need to do is to find your desired state and the city where you want to listen to the police scanner and you will be made to useone of the audio players in your computer or mobile phone to access to the live stream.

police radio frequencies

Pittsburgh Police Scanner Online Free: Listen To Live Police Radio Frequencies

Many people listen in to police scanners as a hobby and as a way to keep themselves up-to-date on the latest information. Police scanners or scanner radios are often streams. They include police chatter, firefighter chatter and even flight chatter. For some people, listening in to a scanner is a lifeline. It’s a way to keep in touch with loved ones who work in dangerous jobs and can potentially face life-threatening situations every single day.

Pittsburgh does not require an FCC license or permit in order to possess a police scanner. Pennsylvania law also permits the use of mobile police scanners, but restrictions apply. People using scanners in vehicles will be fined.
It is also illegal to listen in to cellular transmissions — not only that, cell companies have all the right to go after you if you disclose information. Intercepting coded communications is also considered illegal. Disclosing information you hear, as well as using information for your own gain or in the commission of a crime is also illegal.

One of the best free sites you can tune into is The site focuses on aggregating police scanner feeds from all over the US and the world. The site interface is user-friendly and easy to understand. First time users shouldn’t have a hard time using the search functions or the map function to pinpoint their Pittsburgh feed down to county. You can browse by location, conduct a specific search or simply click on the current top feeds to see what everyone else is listening to.

Another great free site to bookmark is Unlike other radio streaming sites, this site is totally dedicated to collating, studying and verifying different official channels. This is also the ideal site for radio hobbyists, as thousands of like-minded people check into the forums everyday to discuss everything from hobby CB to the accuracy of the frequency.

If you prefer to have your scanner with you on the go, there are plenty of free apps for your smartphone or tablet. 5-0 Police Scanner Lite is the top rated app for Apple. The user interface is easy to use, if a little boring. But it makes it a piece of cake to find the area in Pittburgh you want to listen into. Mobile scanners are legal in the state of Pennsylvania, even for private vehicles. But always make sure to check with the local laws before bringing it with you to avoid that traffic stop. Simply download the app from the store — it’s absolutely free. However, you may need to pay to play for some in-app upgrades.

For the Android operating system, the top rated application is the Police Scanner Radio Scanner. This scanner lets you listen in not just to US feeds, but police scanners from all over the world, just in case you want to find out what’s going on in Tokyo. The app is extremely simple-looking, but again, functionality triumphs over form. The app needs a strong WiFi signal or 3G/4G system to work properly. It’s free, so testing it out doesn’t hurt.

It’s easy to listen in to police scanners in Pittsburgh. You don’t have to spend a single cent.


Atlanta Police Scanner Online – Listen To Live Local Police Radio Frequencies

Did you know that anyone can listen into a police scanner? Contrary to popular belief, these channels are not protected by special codes. Many people casually tune in to police frequencies to check on mundane things like traffic reports, flight plans or even the weather situation. During emergencies, it police scanners can become a lifeline for people whose loved lines are laying their lives on the line. Police scanners were brought to national attention during the Boston Marathon manhunt. Anyone who tuned in that night saw firsthand the power of what information can do.

Before you download or tune in, remember that police scanners should be used responsibly. In Georgia, possession of a police scanner, even mobile ones is perfectly legal. Some other states require an FCC permit or prohibit the use of scanners in a vehicle (for obvious reasons).

If you want to tune in, one of the best sites you can try out is This is not a radio stream site, it’s a site dedicated to collecting feeds of everything from the neighborhood police scanner to the Coast Guard’s relatively quiet channel. Broadcastify requires no downloads, but it does require that your software be up to date to optimize your listening experience. It’s easy to use, easy to figure out and is absolutely free. The site does get bogged down during times of high traffic, but this happens rarely.

Other sites that make it easy to access feeds include and Scanner Masters lists the exact frequencies of the scanners in your area, so it’s often used by hobbyists who have access to physical scanner. Radio Reference, on the other hand, is also a streaming site. The upside is that it is full of useful information for those who want to take the hobby a step further.

If you, for some reason, find the sites above not to your taste, you can try a radio streaming website like This site is set up for music streaming but the nature of police scanners means that the site can also pick up feeds in Georgia, and anywhere else in the world. The upside of this side is it’s less taxing on a slower Internet connection.

You may also want to check out applications for your phone or tablet like Police Scanner Radio Scanner for Android and 5-0 Police Scanner for Apple. Surprisingly, there are several free apps available. Just download and tune in. It’s easy to find one that fits your preferences too. Most of them are easy to use and can access feeds from around the US and around the world.

Keep in mind though that you may not be able to tune in to the specific county at certain times. Radio signals vary in strength and are affected by outside factors, such as solar flares, bad weather, etc. Sometimes the chatter will go completely silent — but it doesn’t mean that anything’s wrong. It may mean that’s all quiet on the home front, or that a sensitive op is going down. Use your scanner responsibly and happy listening!


Online Police Scanner Auroa: Listen To Live Police Radio Frequencies Online

Listening to police scanners is more than just tuning in to police chatter over a ham radio. There are many ways to listen to a scanner for free. To listen to an Aurora public safety scanner feed, all you need is a browser or a mobile phone with the capability to run apps and a steady Internet connection. It doesn’t matter if you’re tuning in out of plain curiosity, to check traffic or weather or simply to see if it’s anything like the movies. It won’t cost you a thing.

But before you download an app or go online, check your state laws. Some states require a permit or license to operate physical ham radios, but none for software imitating the functionality of the radio. Many states prohibit operating any type of police scanner in vehicles. Interfering with coded communication or using it in the commission of a crime can merit additional charges or fines. Please use your scanner responsibly. While laws in Colorado generally allow private citizens and vehicles to use scanners, there will always be fine print.

You can start by downloading an app like the Apple Store’s 5-0 Police Scanner Lite. It’s free, although you can upgrade to a paid version if you wish. The app is easy to use and easy to navigate, even for first time users. Simply enter your search terms or scroll through the list of available feeds. The Google Play store also offers plenty of free scanner apps like the Police Scanner Radio Scanner.

No smartphone? No problem. It’s easy to listen to police scanners just with your browser. Sites like, and are devoted to scanner frequencies. You can listen in to available streams on Broadcastify and Radio Reference. These sites collect feeds and put them up for public use. You can choose from different streams. On Broadcastify, the feeds are nicely tagged and categorized. They also give you a lot of freedom to choose what program you would like to use to listen to a stream.

Radio Reference, on the other hand, uses both search functions and a forum to keep the information flowing. Either way, you access free streams just on your browser. One of the ups for this site is its close knit and very helpful community, so if you’re looking for support and some conversation with like minded people, this is the place to go.

Master Scanner, on the other hand, either directs you to the actual feed online or gives you the frequency to tune in to, if you’re using a ham, CB or shortwave radio. This is good for scanner hobbyists who want to expand their reach. Actual radios do have limitations, such as the scope and area they are able to reach. This makes the Internet an invaluable tool for those who want to listen in outside of your native Aurora.

These are just a few ways you can listen to a police scanner in Colorado for free. No money down, no downloads needed. Be wary of sites that ask you to download software to listen –these are usually malware programs that will harm you computer. Stick to the streams for a virus-free listening experience.

Police Radio Feed

Toledo Police Radio Scanner Online Free – Stream Live Police Radio Frequencies

People listen to police scanners for a lot of reasons. They like to be in the know, they like to know where traffic is heaviest on the highway or they’re simply curious. Some people listen in to track loved ones as they go about their jobs or to get word about how to act during emergencies.

For this reason, many police scanner channels are classified as public safety channels. They’re handy tools to use for all parties: law enforcement and emergency personnel and the civilians who listen in. In most states, it’s legal to listen into police channels. If you’re looking to tune in to Toledo, just keep the scanner out of your car.

The first way you can listen to scanners for free is through the Internet. Most radio streaming sites can easily pick up scanner frequencies. You can check out sites like and narrow it down to the area of your choice. This type of search can be pretty hit and miss, because not all radio frequency strengths are equal. The nice thing is that this won’t take up too much of your bandwidth, and you can listen in just like an ordinary radio station.

Some other sites also direct you to the actual feed. Instead of hosting the streams, they aggregate the links and list them for your perusal. Sites that do this include and A word of caution: these sites can sometimes lead you to broken links. But they’re usually pretty updated.

You can also check out streaming websites dedicated to police scanner feeds like This site lists hundreds of public safety streams from all across the US. It makes it easy to narrow down streams from city to county to town. If you’re looking for a specific police feed, this is your best bet. The streams are also pretty steady, which means you won’t have to deal with annoying details like reloading or streams that die just as it starts to get interesting.

If you want a more mobile type of scanner, check out the apps for your phone OS. These are usually free and give you complete access not just to US feeds, but international ones too. Warning: many countries outside the US ban their citizens from listening in to feeds. It’s also inadvisable to listen to this type of scanner while you’re driving. While it may save you a parking ticket, if caught you face a hefty fine and some possible jail time.

Keep in mind that police streams are not the only public safety channels available. In Toledo, you can also listen in to firefighters, emergency personnel, transportation and even general channels. However, it’s illegal to tune in to cellphone transmissions or classified transmissions. These are monitored on the federal level, so break this law at your own risk. It’s also illegal to interfere or report police business, the way people started tweeting the location of the police during the Boston Marathon Manhunt. This can get you in serious trouble.

Play safe and you should have a great listening experience.