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Listen To Cleveland Police Radio Scanner Online For Free Live

Why yes, Virginia…there is such a thing as free online police, EMS and fire personnel scanners. Easy, quick and free. All you need is a computer or tablet, electricity and of course, Internet service. A few keystrokes, a little smart digging and voila’, you have the entertainment and information of a free online police scanner.

Information, well, I’m sure you get that part but entertainment? Wait until you hear your first live traffic stop and maybe the driver may have a little attitude or maybe a warrant. Either way, you don’t want to miss this. It is really as easy as watching youtube or Hulu.

Safe Sites To Stream Cleveland Police Radio Feeds

So, first things first. Find a reputable site, one that doesn’t insist you buy or download something. That is just scam so move on. There are quite a few sites out there and some of the more popular include,, and Again, there are many, many more so do your homework.

Once you have found the site you like and are comfortable with one, it really is usually a matter of just clicking on the scanner itself or perhaps picking the geographic region you are in, then the state and city. Also, some sites only offer larger areas so if you are in a more rural area, keep that in mind. Most scanners also will have a bar that allows you to pause or stop it. You know, it case you have to go to the bathroom and are afraid to miss the domestic argument next door.

Where To Listen to Cleveland Police Radio Frequencies

If you want more in depth information there are a couple of sites also free; and User friendly and to the point, they will walk you through the process of streaming police frequencies online. Really, most of it is just trial and error. Get to know the different sites out there, see which ones you like best, and maybe book mark them.

It really is as easy as that. And, if you are worried about the cops busting down your door because you are eavesdropping on them, don’t. It is perfectly legal for people to listen in on police or emergency frequencies provided they are not on a telephone or cell phone line. Go ahead, grab the beer and prop your feet up, turn on your police scanner and congratulate yourself on being a well-informed and budget friendly individual.

police radio frequencies

Portland Online Police Scanner Live

There are times when I see a police car or ambulance race by my apartments and I wonder what’s up with that. Or sometimes a fire truck and EMS will arrive here in my complex and I am just dying to know. Well, thanks to some easy sites, I can tune in to try to hear what’s going on from the horse’s mouth. A couple of times, I heard traffic stops in my area where either the driver was under the influence (one of my favs) or had a warrant. Then there are the break-in or fight calls. The perp descriptions always slay me.

Listen To Portland, Oregon Police scanner frequencies

Wanna hear the same? Easy. Start with a simple and quick search using key words such as “free online police scanner” or “free police frequency scanner.” Both searches will net you many sites but here is where you have to be careful. Some sites look totally legit but then when you enter, they want you to purchase something or download something (which usually turns out to be a task bar of some kind), Don’t do it and move on. There are many good and free sites which I will share here but the basic background will help you if want explore the possibilities.

Where To Stream Live Police Radio Feeds Portland

Now, you have your site. Go ahead and enter the site. Most likely you will be directed immediately to the scanner frequencies or you may be required to narrow it down by geographic region, state or city. Once you are there, just click on the frequency and your ready to listen to hours and hours of information. You can get to know your dispatchers (like I do just by the way they call) and your officers.

Three site to listen to Portland police radio streams

Really, that is it. With a little research and homework, you can narrow down sites to your preferences. Here are a few that I use regularly:,,, and Great place to start and if they don’t work for you, and will also give you some help. Using search through those two sites will give you multiple alternatives. Also, try just searching your city or county. Some of the larger areas have their own sites.

Finally, don’t feel like you have to sneak around or keep it a secret. Listening to police, EMS and emergency frequencies are completely legal. What isn’t legal is eavesdropping on telephone land line or cell phone calls. So, good luck and enjoy!

police radio frequencies

Where To Go To Listen To Local Police Radio Feeds Online Free

While searching online for free police scanners, it is better to be safe than sorry. Some sites try to get you to download their task bar or ad ware, spy ware, and so on which can virtually freeze up your machine calling for costly clean up and repairs. There are some safe, easy and good quality free sites that stream police frequencies. It is a matter of experience and a little common sense.

By searching through web engines such as and there is a great diversity of information but not all of it free or even simple. Searching through each choice or site can be tedious. Best bet, try online internet radio/music or broadcast stations. Some offer other types of frequencies such as talk shows or police scanners.

Simply by using key words to search, you can cut down the choices or chafe to go through. Try “free online police scanner” or ” stream live police frequency free”. Many decent sites will show up and it is really just a matter at that point of looking through them. To help out a bit, here are several tried and true sites that have both quality AND are free: Select the region, the state and county. Several easy options to choose from. There is also a control bar that you can use to “pause” transmission. Listed either by large metropolitan area or then alphabetical by city. Flashy, big graphics but easy to navigate. Might have to was through some ads but fairly simple and to the point. Internet radio that plays everything from radio, to shows, talk radio and of course, scanners. All free

These sites are easy to find and even easier to use. Sometimes, there might be an ad or two but those are no problem to avoid. A little effort pays off big, so do some research and experimentation. There are site you can go to that will give you step by step directions such as or Both are great sites but it can be just as easy to go directly to the streaming site and walk through the process.

Lastly, don’t worry about hiding or being sneaky about listening to online police or emergency personnel frequencies. It is perfectly legal as long as it isn’t on a cell phone or telephone land line, which might explain why recently some police have taken to the use of cell phones. Either way, good luck and enjoy.

police radio frequencies

Online Police Scanner Sacramento Live Free

One of the best ways to stay in contact with your neighborhood and local city safety is through police scanners. Yes, police scanners have come a long way and yes, they are completely legal. Best of all, you can stream them live on your computer. Want to know what is going on with a fire or storm? Just go to your favorite site and stream live police, EMS or fire chatter. Or on the weekend you can get a little entertainment by listening to traffic stops. At any rate, it is a good idea to be familiar with the steps to stream live online police scanners.

First, you want to find a couple of reputable sites. Anyone wanting you to download their “task” bar or software to listen to the scanner is a scam. Online police scanners, EMS and fire frequencies are free to the public so if they want money it is usually a scam. Also, you want a couple of sites you have for back up and that you are familiar with. Some really good information on how to stream free online police scanners can be found at These just take you step by step on how to stream live.

For searching live police scanner, try just that in your search engine. Key words such as “free online police scanner” or “free streaming police frequencies” will net you the kind of sites you want. Also, if you look at the bottom of most search engines by the page number of selections, there will be other ideas for site searches. It might be worth your while to try a few of these out, depending on your personal taste and what you are looking for.

There are a couple of user friendly sites such as, and These are not the only sites available but just a couple of examples. Most only require that you go to them, find your geographic location and choose that. Depending on where you are located, you might not be able to find more rural areas on some sites but again, there are several choices out there with a little research.

Once you find a site you like bookmark it so that, even if you don’t use it on a regular basis, you have it available in case you need to access it quickly. It really is that easy to find a quality and dependable police frequency scanner so good luck and happy hunting.

police radio frequencies

Irving Texas Online Police Scanner: Listen To Live Local Police Radio Free

I live in Irving, Texas, where the seasons seem to be warm, hot, humid and storms. When the skies start to darken and the wind blows, I usually get my online scanner lined up and ready. Yes, there are storm sirens but nothing quite takes the place of listening to play by play action of emergency personnel trying to catch wayward cattle or remove a trampoline off an electric wire.

Okay, I exaggerate a little but online police scanners can be both entertainment as well as informative. Through the years I have developed a keen sense on where to find some of the best. Here is a few streaming live police scanners that are not only pretty good quality but free. Also, you can listen in to what other cities or states have going on as well.  These are in no particular order and I encourage you to try them all out.

Where To Go To Stream Live Local Police Scanner in Irving, Texas

broadcastify: This site has great graphics and very few steps to get to the scanner. Go to Listen, find your state, click then pick the city. Piece of cake. Okay, so here you have to search for police scanners. You may not be able to find your county or city but it is still free and there are some larger cities that could make for some entertaining eavesdropping. Here you can find not only free police scanners but ham and short wave radio enthusiasts as well as information. The streaming police scanners are easy to find and even easier to click on. I really like the zippy graphics on this site but it is the same as the rest. This site goes directly to the different police scanners streaming.  So, I saved this one for last. It isn’t any better or worse, I just prefer it and find it fairly user friendly. I have it on my laptop and cell phone.

These are some of the better quality sites I have experience with but I’m sure, as the Internet evolves so will the choices. Also, if you don’t see what you like, you can also use search sites such as to provide you with multiple alternatives. If you get an opportunity, try these out and also rate them so the next person that is considering the site will know whether it is worth their time.

police radio frequencies

Online Police Scanner Milwaukee: Stream Live Police Radio Feeds For Free

Listen To Milwaukee Police Radio Frequencies Live

I grew up in a town on the coast and bad thunderstorms were pretty regular. My father had a scanner that he would use to tune into the local police and EMS so that we could hear what was happening. The scanner my father used was clunky, heavy and complicated. Fast forward to today. Wanna listen to your local police, fire and rescue? All you need is a computer (desktop, laptop, tablet), Internet and power.

Are Police Scanners Legal in Milwaukee?

Think you are eavesdropping when using a scanner? As long as you are not scanning telephone calls, telephone networks, cell phones or encrypted data then you are on the right side of the law and can listen with impunity. It should be noted that it is a trend for some police and fire departments to start going toward more cell phone use because it IS illegal to listen in on those conversations.

To be able to hear these local live feeds just requires finding a site that broadcasts them. The Internet is full of different sites but you have to be careful where you go. Some sites offer free police scanner but often require that you download something. Usually these downloads are different tool bars or other items that just promote another site, like Yahoo or ebay.

The best approach is to find free online live radio or music feeds. While writing this article, I pulled up and just searched for police scanners. Milwaukee was the first one up and it began to play immediately with clarity.

Here are just a few places that you can visit to stream live Milwaukee police radio streams:

By all means, this is not the exhaustive list but these have worked really well for me and are uncomplicated. Those two items make it quick and easy to pull up, and in an emergency, that is important.  It also makes it enjoyable as well. I carry the tradition on with my husband now of listening to our local police, EMS and fire department during bad weather. We even now know the call of the individual dispatch by how they interact with the police on duty. There have been a couple of police stops that have made me chuckle, but I will save that for another article.

Lastly, using an online police scanner helps keep you from accidentally wandering into a cell phone or cordless telephone (who still has these??) Conversations. By using an online service, you are listening directly to that specific streams. Makes for less messy legal matters

police radio frequencies

Las Vegas Online Police Scanner: Listen To Local Radio Frequencies LVMPD

Do you live in Las Vegas? Ever hear an ambulance or police siren close by and wonder where they are going? Or maybe the power has gone out in your part of town and you want more information? This is where using an online police scanner can be beneficial. And let’s face it, it is pretty interesting listening to the chatter between the officers and dispatch.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) MOBILE APP

I have used an app on my phone before and it was free. It was also simple. Using an online police scanner for free on your computer can be a bit more tricky. When you search for free online police scanners, there will be many sites who say they offer it. Be careful. Most of these are either spy ware, malware, or just plain trying to sale you something. Beware of any free site that requires that you download something.


One of the easiest sites I found was It has an easy to use menu, a map of the United States and uncomplicated access to police scanners. By choosing the listen option, it will show you a map where you choose your part of the country.  It will also show the different city and department live audio feeds which you can click on.


Another site I found was This site took a little searching through but you can find police scanners in your area and other parts of the country. By typing police scanner, it will pull up a list of online and live scanners. For this article, the search came up with Kent, Michigan, New Orleans, and Los Angeles.


My personal favorite site is This site is not only free radio but it can be used on your phone and laptop. It is also pretty user friendly. By just going to the top right side for search, I typed in my local county ems and fire. Then it was just a matter of selecting what I wanted to listen to. Tunein does offer a paid subscription or free use and with the free use, you get the occasional ad.

These are just a few suggestions and with some research, there are probably many out there. Spotting the real deal from the scams also takes a little bit of work but in the end, the result is worth it. Police scanners can be fun to listen to but in today’s world, they are also a useful tool. Happy hunting!

police radio frequencies

Cincinnati Police Radio Frequencies: Live Police Scanner Online

People have been listening to police scanners for years. With technological advancement, this trend has grown as many people have more devices like computers and phones they can use to listen to police scanners.

To satisfy the demand, there are many websites that will enable you to listen to police scanners at no cost at all. Mobile Phones Apps have also been developed that are specifically tailored to allow any interested person access the police scanners from their phone. The advantage of listening to the police scanners is that you become aware of what is going on around you as you are able to listen to live streams of what the police are up to in your area. If you are in a position to help the police in any way, you can then communicate to the police and relay the information you have. If you live in the Cincinnati area, here are some ways you can listen to police scanners at the comfort of your house.

Go to

This is an online media outlet that allows you to listen to as many audio live streams as you want. You require an account though to be able to access the information. This can be acquired free of charge but premium services attract a small fee. Anyone in the Cincinnati area can easily access police scanners easily from this site and listen to live streams of what is going on in your area and the world at large.

Phone apps

There are many Apps available in the market today that you can use to access the police scanners on your phone. You can download these apps on your phone that will enable you to listen to the police scanners wherever you are. The best part is that most of these applications don’t cost you even a penny. Some of these phone apps include Police Scanner Free and 5-0 Radio Police Scanner Lite just to mention but a few. One advantage of using your phone to access the police scanners is that you can access the information even on the go.

Radio Reference

Radio Reference is among the largest data providers and has a frequency database that you can use to listen to any live streams from anywhere in the world. If you are from Cincinnati, go to the Hamilton County – Cincinnati Fire/EMS feed to listen to all the live police streams in your area.

Next time you are in need of live information and updates on something that the police are doing in your area, just log on to your computer or your phone and listen to the police communication and updates. This way, you will be better informed on what is happening around you and also provide you with a platform to offer any help to the police. Listen to the police scanners and be in the know on what is happening where and when so that you can take appropriate measures when necessary and keep the police informed when you have information they might not have.

police radio frequencies

Pittsburgh Police Scanner Online Free: Listen To Live Police Radio Frequencies

Many people listen in to police scanners as a hobby and as a way to keep themselves up-to-date on the latest information. Police scanners or scanner radios are often streams. They include police chatter, firefighter chatter and even flight chatter. For some people, listening in to a scanner is a lifeline. It’s a way to keep in touch with loved ones who work in dangerous jobs and can potentially face life-threatening situations every single day.

Pittsburgh does not require an FCC license or permit in order to possess a police scanner. Pennsylvania law also permits the use of mobile police scanners, but restrictions apply. People using scanners in vehicles will be fined.
It is also illegal to listen in to cellular transmissions — not only that, cell companies have all the right to go after you if you disclose information. Intercepting coded communications is also considered illegal. Disclosing information you hear, as well as using information for your own gain or in the commission of a crime is also illegal.

One of the best free sites you can tune into is The site focuses on aggregating police scanner feeds from all over the US and the world. The site interface is user-friendly and easy to understand. First time users shouldn’t have a hard time using the search functions or the map function to pinpoint their Pittsburgh feed down to county. You can browse by location, conduct a specific search or simply click on the current top feeds to see what everyone else is listening to.

Another great free site to bookmark is Unlike other radio streaming sites, this site is totally dedicated to collating, studying and verifying different official channels. This is also the ideal site for radio hobbyists, as thousands of like-minded people check into the forums everyday to discuss everything from hobby CB to the accuracy of the frequency.

If you prefer to have your scanner with you on the go, there are plenty of free apps for your smartphone or tablet. 5-0 Police Scanner Lite is the top rated app for Apple. The user interface is easy to use, if a little boring. But it makes it a piece of cake to find the area in Pittburgh you want to listen into. Mobile scanners are legal in the state of Pennsylvania, even for private vehicles. But always make sure to check with the local laws before bringing it with you to avoid that traffic stop. Simply download the app from the store — it’s absolutely free. However, you may need to pay to play for some in-app upgrades.

For the Android operating system, the top rated application is the Police Scanner Radio Scanner. This scanner lets you listen in not just to US feeds, but police scanners from all over the world, just in case you want to find out what’s going on in Tokyo. The app is extremely simple-looking, but again, functionality triumphs over form. The app needs a strong WiFi signal or 3G/4G system to work properly. It’s free, so testing it out doesn’t hurt.

It’s easy to listen in to police scanners in Pittsburgh. You don’t have to spend a single cent.

police radio frequencies

Tampa Police Scanner Online Free – Stream Live Police Radio Frequencies

A police scanner can be a very useful tool to have around. Not only is it a valuable asset during emergencies, but it can be useful for everyday things. Public safety channels broadcast everything from weather updates to gossip. For the curious, it can be a funny little hobby. For others, it can be a way to keep in touch (figuratively) with loved ones who work in law enforcement or emergency services. It can be an essential link to a spouse, child or friend.

It’s easy to listen to police scanners in Tampa for free. You don’t have to pay for software or buy a ham radio to set up in garage. All you need is access to the Internet and some geographic knowledge. Most feeds are separated by jurisdiction (for example, a county Sheriff’s department would be on a different band than the city police). There are usually “unified” channels that are used for state-wide issues, such as incoming storms, blizzards or the like. A little experimentation can help you find them.

You can start by checking out, a website dedicated to public safety channels. This website only hosts radio feeds for firefighters and police officers. You won’t find your favorite radio station here. It’s a user-friendly site that feels natural to use. It lets you choose from a variety of players, so you don’t have to download any pre-existing software before you can listen in. Simply search for the county or area of Tampa you want to listen to.

If you want something more cerebral and a chance to interact with like minded people who love ham radio and police scanners, you can check out sites like Master Scanner and Radio Reference. These are sites that provide exact frequencies for specific jurisdictions. Not only that, they have a lot of user support to help you troubleshoot any scanners you own.

You can also turn your mobile phone into a police scanner by downloading applications that can help you access the bands. Police Scanner, 5-0 Police and other applications found in both the Apple and Google Play store are nifty free programs that allow you to access not just US police scanners, but international ones too. Just keep in mind that many states frown upon using scanners (even if it’s just a souped-up phone) in vehicles.

Theoretically, you can also jury rig any radio applications in your phone to intercept police bands, but the FCC may have something to say about that too.

So for the curious, the obsessed and the naturally inclined, here are just a few ways to listen in to what’s going on in your neighborhood, without ever leaving your house! Be sure to check your state laws before downloading or listening into software. While most states legally allow private citizens to listen in without any trouble, others ask you to apply for permits. In Florida, any police scanner violations are considered a misdemeanor offense.

Use police radio safely and responsibly shouldn’t lead you to any trouble. Happy listening!