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Portland Online Police Scanner Live

There are times when I see a police car or ambulance race by my apartments and I wonder what’s up with that. Or sometimes a fire truck and EMS will arrive here in my complex and I am just dying to know. Well, thanks to some easy sites, I can tune in to try to hear what’s going on from the horse’s mouth. A couple of times, I heard traffic stops in my area where either the driver was under the influence (one of my favs) or had a warrant. Then there are the break-in or fight calls. The perp descriptions always slay me.

Listen To Portland, Oregon Police scanner frequencies

Wanna hear the same? Easy. Start with a simple and quick search using key words such as “free online police scanner” or “free police frequency scanner.” Both searches will net you many sites but here is where you have to be careful. Some sites look totally legit but then when you enter, they want you to purchase something or download something (which usually turns out to be a task bar of some kind), Don’t do it and move on. There are many good and free sites which I will share here but the basic background will help you if want explore the possibilities.

Where To Stream Live Police Radio Feeds Portland

Now, you have your site. Go ahead and enter the site. Most likely you will be directed immediately to the scanner frequencies or you may be required to narrow it down by geographic region, state or city. Once you are there, just click on the frequency and your ready to listen to hours and hours of information. You can get to know your dispatchers (like I do just by the way they call) and your officers.

Three site to listen to Portland police radio streams

Really, that is it. With a little research and homework, you can narrow down sites to your preferences. Here are a few that I use regularly:,,, and Great place to start and if they don’t work for you, and will also give you some help. Using search through those two sites will give you multiple alternatives. Also, try just searching your city or county. Some of the larger areas have their own sites.

Finally, don’t feel like you have to sneak around or keep it a secret. Listening to police, EMS and emergency frequencies are completely legal. What isn’t legal is eavesdropping on telephone land line or cell phone calls. So, good luck and enjoy!