Listen To Cleveland Police Radio Scanner Online For Free Live

Why yes, Virginia…there is such a thing as free online police, EMS and fire personnel scanners. Easy, quick and free. All you need is a computer or tablet, electricity and of course, Internet service. A few keystrokes, a little smart digging and voila’, you have the entertainment and information of a free online police scanner.

Information, well, I’m sure you get that part but entertainment? Wait until you hear your first live traffic stop and maybe the driver may have a little attitude or maybe a warrant. Either way, you don’t want to miss this. It is really as easy as watching youtube or Hulu.

Safe Sites To Stream Cleveland Police Radio Feeds

So, first things first. Find a reputable site, one that doesn’t insist you buy or download something. That is just scam so move on. There are quite a few sites out there and some of the more popular include,, and Again, there are many, many more so do your homework.

Once you have found the site you like and are comfortable with one, it really is usually a matter of just clicking on the scanner itself or perhaps picking the geographic region you are in, then the state and city. Also, some sites only offer larger areas so if you are in a more rural area, keep that in mind. Most scanners also will have a bar that allows you to pause or stop it. You know, it case you have to go to the bathroom and are afraid to miss the domestic argument next door.

Where To Listen to Cleveland Police Radio Frequencies

If you want more in depth information there are a couple of sites also free; and User friendly and to the point, they will walk you through the process of streaming police frequencies online. Really, most of it is just trial and error. Get to know the different sites out there, see which ones you like best, and maybe book mark them.

It really is as easy as that. And, if you are worried about the cops busting down your door because you are eavesdropping on them, don’t. It is perfectly legal for people to listen in on police or emergency frequencies provided they are not on a telephone or cell phone line. Go ahead, grab the beer and prop your feet up, turn on your police scanner and congratulate yourself on being a well-informed and budget friendly individual.