Dallas Online Police Scanner: Listen to live local police radio

How To Listen To Dallas PD Radio Frequencies Online Free

I can’t tell you how many times I have had this conversation or talked about this. Police scanners have come a long way from your dad’s modified CB to phone and/or computer apps. It really is easy today to be able to listen to your local emergency and police frequencies these days, regardless of the motivation. Myself, I enjoy sitting with my husband and listening to the traffic stops in our suburb. We live close to a MAJOR city so the possibilities are endless. Also, on occasion, there has been a fire truck and EMS personnel arrive at our apartment complex and through the online police scanner, we learned of our neighbors plight. Sadly, both incidents involved the resident in our complex passing away (both elderly and ill) but we heard the whole thing unfold live.

Where To Go To Stream Local Police Scanner For Dallas PD:

The best and only way to get started is just roll up your sleeve and dive right in. With a few simple word searches, a whole world of online free streaming sites are available. I have used “free online police scanner” or “streaming free online police frequencies” which have netted me many alternative sites. Not all are worth the trouble and when I first started to use an online police scanner, I fell into the trap of accidentally downloading a crappy task bar. Luckily it was easy to delete.

Three Sites To Listen To Dallas Police Radio Traffic:

To give you a head start or make things a little simpler, let me share some of my favorite and more successful sites:

www.tunein.com: One of my favs just because I like the streaming music and radio shows but by no means the only available site.

www.broadcastify.com: Really nicely organized and user friendly.

www.dxzone.com: I like this site too. At the top of the scanners are some popular, large metropolitan areas. Then at the bottom, you can search for your city or county by alphabetical order.

www.livepolicescan.com: Pretty simple but it does have a few more ads that need to be dodged but not bad.

Depending on what you like in your scanner will determine whether these sites are what you are looking for. It is a start though. If you want more detailed information, try onlinepolicescanner.org or livepolicescanner.net.

One last thing, don’t let anyone tell you that police scanners are illegal. You only have to worry about telephone or cell phone transmission and usually they won’t show up on police and EMS frequencies. Good luck and enjoy!