Online Police Scanner Live Free Streaming

Radio and CB enthusiasts enjoy listening to local police radio scanners. Most local police communication involves the use of low frequency radio waves which are easy to intercept. So if you tune to the right frequency, you can easily listen to local police radio and several other public service communications like weather reports, airport traffic, fire fighters, ham, marine and emergency services.

Now, it is much easier to listen to local police radio. And this guide on how to listen to local police radio online free of charge will help you to get started right away. To listen with your laptop, you need to be connected to the internet and sign up on a website that offers a free scanner streaming service. But If you are using a hand-held mobile device, you may need to download one or more free apps.

Mobile Apps for Listening to Local Police Radio

Since many people now access the internet with mobile devices, here is a list of the popular mobile apps that you can use on your smartphone or tablet.

1. MyScanner Police Radio Scanner. You can download this Android app free of charge. It enables you to search for police scanners and listen to police radio, marine and railroad communication.

2. 5 – 0 Police Scanner. This is an app for Apple’s iOS. It will give you access to police, marine, ham, and emergency radios on your iPhone and iPad. The Lite version is free and you can download it directly from the iTunes app store.

3. Police Scanner Radio. This is another app for your iPad and iPhone. It allows you to listen to US scanners as well as scanners in Europe and Asia. The app is very easy to use and it is primarily for police frequencies. To use it, simply go to the iTunes store and download it.

4. Police Scanner Free. This is one of the most user-friendly apps for listening to local police radio. It lists frequencies in the U.S. and other countries. All the police frequencies in your locality are listed first so you can easily select and listen. To get this free Android app, simply download it from the Google play store.

Websites that Give Free Access to Local Police Radio

To access police scanners online on your laptop, you can sign up on any of these two popular websites:

This site has well over 700,000 registered users. It gives you a very detailed listing of police scanners online. So you can easily make your choice and listen for free. In addition to the live audio streaming, you can interact with thousands of users within several forums. Interested users can also read a lot of technical information about communications in the user edited reference.

Broadcastify offers over 3,000 live streams for your listening pleasure. The site is easy to navigate. So you can easily find the frequency you are looking for. Users also have the additional benefit of broadcasting your own live stream. The site has a mobile website with full features so you can listen while you are on the move.

Those are a few facts and tips about how to listen to local police radio online. You can review them again and start listening to police radio and other public service communication online for free.