Seattle Online Police Scanner Online Free: Stream Live Local Police Radio Frequencies

If you live in Seattle chances are you’ve heard about how dangerous it can be in certain areas. If you want to know what’s going on in Seattle before you hear it on the news or social media, online police radio scanners is the best thing to slice bread.

Nothing can beat the use of streaming police radio frequencies on the internet. Most are easy and free if you know where to go to. Listening to Seattle police radio frequencies can be entertaining and informative. Ever hear a siren in your neighborhood and wondered what was really going on? Just tune in quickly to your favorite police radio stream and here it as it unfolds….live. Feels like you are eavesdropping but in reality it is completely legal in Seattle, Washington to listen in to the fire department, EMS and police department. As long as the conversations are not on a cell phone or land line, then you are perfectly within your rights.

Where to go to stream live local police radio scanners

By searching the internet, you can find many different sites that stream live police radio frequencies. Depending on the site, you might be only able to listen to larger city radio frequencies. You want to be careful of any site that requires you download something or buy something in order to get the live radio stream. It should be completely free.

After you have found your site, you may have the choice of the region or the state you are located in. When you choose your state or region, there is a menu of local police radio frequencies that will show. Choose Seattle and immediately you will begin to hear radio chatter your city. Most will also come with a pause button so you can stop the sound for a moment. Most will also just stream live and you can leave it or change it while you work on something else.

Streaming Seattle Police Radio Live Free

Most sites are self-explanatory but there places on the internet you can get more information and specifics on how to stream live police radio frequencies. Two that are user friendly and have good information are Radio reference and live police scanner. These sites not only give you step by step instructions but also information about what the scanners are, what you are listening to and some frequency information as well.

With a little bit of effort, and some trial and error, you can develop a list of go-to sites. Just to get started, try,, and By all means, this list is not exhaustive and in fact, a few quick and easy phrases will get you different results. Try looking for “live police scanner online” or “streaming police radio frequencies”. Then it is just a matter of searching through the results.

It really is that simple.