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St. Louis Online Police Scanner: Broadcast Live Police Radio Frequencies

So, you and your buds just finished Die Hard. You are thinking “Hey, wonder if I could pick up some cool police chatter?” Or better yet “Wonder if I could pick up some cool police chatter in St. Louis Missouri, online….free??” Why yes, you can. Many a cold night my husband and I wrapped ourselves warmly by the fire, warmed by the glow of the computer and the local dispatch checking on a warrant.

Are Police Radio Scanners Legal in St. Louis, Missouri?

First, let’s get the legalities out of the way. Yes, it is legal to tune in to EMS, fire or police live feeds. In fact, sometimes, there is information you can use like maybe a break in around your neighborhood or a wildfire. Even some reporters use online police scanners to keep them up on what is happening in their area. As long as what you are listening to isn’t a cell phone or telephone conversation, you are good.

Best Places To Stream Local Police Radio Frequencies in St. Louis

Next, where can you find free online police scanners? Easy. Just search for them online but be careful. There are many sites out there that say free but some are really just trying to get you to buy one, or have you download either spy ware or something similar. Look for reputable ones and look for online user reviews. Also, you can use, and other search engines that provide you with alternative and multiples sources. Can’t read well? Don’t wanna waste the time reading the hows and whys? Fine, you can also go to Youtube and find videos on how to use free online scanners. So much free information, so much win!

While doing research for this article, I came across a few really nifty ones. was the first one, and it has been one of the easiest so far. Literally, went to the site, clicked on Missouri, then St. Louis and boom, several choices to listen to. Another interesting one is which is full of live online feeds. The format is bigger, more metropolitan areas are listed first but when you scroll farther down, other locations are listed alphabetically. is my personal favorite because it is free, good quality and later, you can upgrade to pay if you wanna avoid the few commercials.

Police Scanner Apps

Most of these sites also have mobile apps as well so you can download and go. With so many alternatives, there is no reason to lose out of the security, entertainment and information that can come from using online police scanners.