Online Police Scanner Milwaukee: Stream Live Police Radio Feeds For Free

Listen To Milwaukee Police Radio Frequencies Live

I grew up in a town on the coast and bad thunderstorms were pretty regular. My father had a scanner that he would use to tune into the local police and EMS so that we could hear what was happening. The scanner my father used was clunky, heavy and complicated. Fast forward to today. Wanna listen to your local police, fire and rescue? All you need is a computer (desktop, laptop, tablet), Internet and power.

Are Police Scanners Legal in Milwaukee?

Think you are eavesdropping when using a scanner? As long as you are not scanning telephone calls, telephone networks, cell phones or encrypted data then you are on the right side of the law and can listen with impunity. It should be noted that it is a trend for some police and fire departments to start going toward more cell phone use because it IS illegal to listen in on those conversations.

To be able to hear these local live feeds just requires finding a site that broadcasts them. The Internet is full of different sites but you have to be careful where you go. Some sites offer free police scanner but often require that you download something. Usually these downloads are different tool bars or other items that just promote another site, like Yahoo or ebay.

The best approach is to find free online live radio or music feeds. While writing this article, I pulled up and just searched for police scanners. Milwaukee was the first one up and it began to play immediately with clarity.

Here are just a few places that you can visit to stream live Milwaukee police radio streams:

By all means, this is not the exhaustive list but these have worked really well for me and are uncomplicated. Those two items make it quick and easy to pull up, and in an emergency, that is important.  It also makes it enjoyable as well. I carry the tradition on with my husband now of listening to our local police, EMS and fire department during bad weather. We even now know the call of the individual dispatch by how they interact with the police on duty. There have been a couple of police stops that have made me chuckle, but I will save that for another article.

Lastly, using an online police scanner helps keep you from accidentally wandering into a cell phone or cordless telephone (who still has these??) Conversations. By using an online service, you are listening directly to that specific streams. Makes for less messy legal matters