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Irving Texas Online Police Scanner: Listen To Live Local Police Radio Free

I live in Irving, Texas, where the seasons seem to be warm, hot, humid and storms. When the skies start to darken and the wind blows, I usually get my online scanner lined up and ready. Yes, there are storm sirens but nothing quite takes the place of listening to play by play action of emergency personnel trying to catch wayward cattle or remove a trampoline off an electric wire.

Okay, I exaggerate a little but online police scanners can be both entertainment as well as informative. Through the years I have developed a keen sense on where to find some of the best. Here is a few streaming live police scanners that are not only pretty good quality but free. Also, you can listen in to what other cities or states have going on as well.  These are in no particular order and I encourage you to try them all out.

Where To Go To Stream Live Local Police Scanner in Irving, Texas

broadcastify: This site has great graphics and very few steps to get to the scanner. Go to Listen, find your state, click then pick the city. Piece of cake. Okay, so here you have to search for police scanners. You may not be able to find your county or city but it is still free and there are some larger cities that could make for some entertaining eavesdropping. Here you can find not only free police scanners but ham and short wave radio enthusiasts as well as information. The streaming police scanners are easy to find and even easier to click on. I really like the zippy graphics on this site but it is the same as the rest. This site goes directly to the different police scanners streaming.  So, I saved this one for last. It isn’t any better or worse, I just prefer it and find it fairly user friendly. I have it on my laptop and cell phone.

These are some of the better quality sites I have experience with but I’m sure, as the Internet evolves so will the choices. Also, if you don’t see what you like, you can also use search sites such as to provide you with multiple alternatives. If you get an opportunity, try these out and also rate them so the next person that is considering the site will know whether it is worth their time.