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Cincinnati Police Radio Frequencies: Live Police Scanner Online

People have been listening to police scanners for years. With technological advancement, this trend has grown as many people have more devices like computers and phones they can use to listen to police scanners.

To satisfy the demand, there are many websites that will enable you to listen to police scanners at no cost at all. Mobile Phones Apps have also been developed that are specifically tailored to allow any interested person access the police scanners from their phone. The advantage of listening to the police scanners is that you become aware of what is going on around you as you are able to listen to live streams of what the police are up to in your area. If you are in a position to help the police in any way, you can then communicate to the police and relay the information you have. If you live in the Cincinnati area, here are some ways you can listen to police scanners at the comfort of your house.

Go to

This is an online media outlet that allows you to listen to as many audio live streams as you want. You require an account though to be able to access the information. This can be acquired free of charge but premium services attract a small fee. Anyone in the Cincinnati area can easily access police scanners easily from this site and listen to live streams of what is going on in your area and the world at large.

Phone apps

There are many Apps available in the market today that you can use to access the police scanners on your phone. You can download these apps on your phone that will enable you to listen to the police scanners wherever you are. The best part is that most of these applications don’t cost you even a penny. Some of these phone apps include Police Scanner Free and 5-0 Radio Police Scanner Lite just to mention but a few. One advantage of using your phone to access the police scanners is that you can access the information even on the go.

Radio Reference

Radio Reference is among the largest data providers and has a frequency database that you can use to listen to any live streams from anywhere in the world. If you are from Cincinnati, go to the Hamilton County – Cincinnati Fire/EMS feed to listen to all the live police streams in your area.

Next time you are in need of live information and updates on something that the police are doing in your area, just log on to your computer or your phone and listen to the police communication and updates. This way, you will be better informed on what is happening around you and also provide you with a platform to offer any help to the police. Listen to the police scanners and be in the know on what is happening where and when so that you can take appropriate measures when necessary and keep the police informed when you have information they might not have.