Online Police Scanner Auroa: Listen To Live Police Radio Frequencies Online

Listening to police scanners is more than just tuning in to police chatter over a ham radio. There are many ways to listen to a scanner for free. To listen to an Aurora public safety scanner feed, all you need is a browser or a mobile phone with the capability to run apps and a steady Internet connection. It doesn’t matter if you’re tuning in out of plain curiosity, to check traffic or weather or simply to see if it’s anything like the movies. It won’t cost you a thing.

But before you download an app or go online, check your state laws. Some states require a permit or license to operate physical ham radios, but none for software imitating the functionality of the radio. Many states prohibit operating any type of police scanner in vehicles. Interfering with coded communication or using it in the commission of a crime can merit additional charges or fines. Please use your scanner responsibly. While laws in Colorado generally allow private citizens and vehicles to use scanners, there will always be fine print.

You can start by downloading an app like the Apple Store’s 5-0 Police Scanner Lite. It’s free, although you can upgrade to a paid version if you wish. The app is easy to use and easy to navigate, even for first time users. Simply enter your search terms or scroll through the list of available feeds. The Google Play store also offers plenty of free scanner apps like the Police Scanner Radio Scanner.

No smartphone? No problem. It’s easy to listen to police scanners just with your browser. Sites like, and are devoted to scanner frequencies. You can listen in to available streams on Broadcastify and Radio Reference. These sites collect feeds and put them up for public use. You can choose from different streams. On Broadcastify, the feeds are nicely tagged and categorized. They also give you a lot of freedom to choose what program you would like to use to listen to a stream.

Radio Reference, on the other hand, uses both search functions and a forum to keep the information flowing. Either way, you access free streams just on your browser. One of the ups for this site is its close knit and very helpful community, so if you’re looking for support and some conversation with like minded people, this is the place to go.

Master Scanner, on the other hand, either directs you to the actual feed online or gives you the frequency to tune in to, if you’re using a ham, CB or shortwave radio. This is good for scanner hobbyists who want to expand their reach. Actual radios do have limitations, such as the scope and area they are able to reach. This makes the Internet an invaluable tool for those who want to listen in outside of your native Aurora.

These are just a few ways you can listen to a police scanner in Colorado for free. No money down, no downloads needed. Be wary of sites that ask you to download software to listen –these are usually malware programs that will harm you computer. Stick to the streams for a virus-free listening experience.