San Diego Police Scanner Online Free – Listen To Live SDPD Radio Frequencies Online

In this article, I’ve explained some websites that help us to listen to San Diego police scanner online for free.

A quick Google search is enough to show anyone that the internet is flooded with websites offering you all kind of police scanners on a golden platter. But it’s very hard to separate out the good websites from the ones trying to slip you a malware in the process. Let us take a look at some of the good ones –

1. [] – This is the one that you will be using the most if you are looking for a website that, put simply, works. It is an advertisement free non profit, established and maintained for and by hobbyists and enthusiasts of San Diego. It offers high quality streams on very impressive servers that are capable of handling extreme loads. Follow the link or search Google for this website. The scanner app is right there on the landing page. The thing that impressed me the most about this website is that the scanner app is set to load before everything else, even the site logo and name.

2. Broadcastify [] – Broadcastify is an awesome website that looks great, works smooth and has never suffered a downtime due to high traffic. It even supports streaming the feeds directly to the players installed on your PC, like media player, itunes and winamp.

Follow the given link or search ‘San Diego’ on the search box for cities at the bottom of the page. San Diego will be listed under exact matches. Click on the county name. You will then get a list of police, fire and railway scanners. The websites lists their status(online/offline) next to them and allows you to select the player for the stream. Select the desired player and click on the feed name or listen button to start the stream.

3. [] – This is primarily a radio website and looks kind of clunky but is a real piece of breeze once you get to know it. First off, there is no search option in the website, so you’ll have to navigate a lot to find the radio you want, or you could click on the link I provided. If you clicked on my link, you’ll immediately start streaming the scanner, otherwise, go to USA under countries and select San Diego from the listed radios. You will then be shown a page full of radios in san diego. Search one by one through the list and click on the link that you want.

4. Streema [] – This is a really good website that has 136 scanners that cover almost all of the USA and some parts of Canada and New Zealand too. Just open the website, type ‘San Diego’ in the search box in the top right corner of the page and hit enter.

You will get a list of cities in the middle of page with San Diego being the first option. Click on the link and you will come up with all the radio stations in Chicago. Click the ‘scanner’ link under genre and you will get the links to the scanners for police and fire department. Click on whatever you want to stream and the web player will start.

Although there are many other websites that are good and reliable, these four are at the top of their game.

This is all there is to it. I hope you had a fun time finding out how to listen to San Diego police scanner online free.