Los Angeles Police Scanner Online Free: Listen To LAPD Live

When you live in or are visiting a place like Los Angeles, there are plenty of things to do. However, being in such a big city means that there is likely a higher crime rate as well. One way that you can keep yourself safe is by staying informed as to what is going on in your neighborhood through listening to Los Angeles police scanners for free online. Many sites have access to California police radio codes and will broadcast them for their listeners. There are a few major websites that let you do this, and best of all it’s free for you!

Broadcastify is one major website that lets you listen to police scanners in Los Angeles. Not only do they have a great service, but they also will copy the scanner traffic below the feed, so that you can read along if you missed something. This is a great feature, but it’s also difficult to use because it doesn’t update in real time. Another thing that you may notice about this site is that it uses the Adobe Flash plugin, which means that you need to make sure that your computer is updated with the latest version of Flash in order to use this webpage.

The URL for this feed is http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/ctid/201/?rl=rr. If you are in another area of the country, Broadcastify has many other feeds that might be interesting for you to listen to as well, including police and fire frequencies.

Venice311 is another great feed, but the site isn’t as useful as the Broadcastify one because you can’t see the raw data of the scanner below the feed. This site also uses Adobe Flash, so you will need to make sure that your Flash plugin is updated in order to use this. One interesting thing that this site has which differentiates it from the Broadcastify site is that they use Twitter to tweet out the most interesting scanner news. You may or may not like this because the tweets on their Twitter feed aren’t necessarily what is going on at that moment, and they are also written conversationally, rather than just stating the facts like the one on Broadcastify. The URL for this page is http://venice311.org/venice-lapd-scanner/.

If you want to experience a group of different feeds and test your luck with some others, there may be an option for you. LAPDScanner is a combination of a great twitter feed and a website. They combine a Twitter stream of both commentary and things that are happening on the police scanner. This means that not only can you listen to the Los Angeles police scanner online for free, but you can find plenty of other scanners that you can use if your main one goes down. Their website is available at http://www.lapdscanner.com, but you can also follow them on Twitter. Their name is @LAPDScanner. By using any of these websites and keeping track of what is going on in your area, you are helping to keep yourself and your family, friends, and neighbors safe.