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Listen To Jacksonville Police Scanner Online Free Live Streaming Frequencies

Have you ever been curious about the latest events happening around you in Jacksonville? Remember that time when you heard a rumor about something happening down the street like a robbery or a car accident, even a traffic bottleneck but you didn’t know if it was true. You can listen to Jacksonville police scanner online free Police Radio Scanner online? Those scanners can come in quite handy for listening to a wide variety of wireless radio conversations ranging from communication between Emergency Service personnel, Air Traffic Controllers, National Weather Service and even Nascar Pit Crews for the racing enthusiasts. You always on the ball, you know the action before it fully unfolds.

Making use of a Police Radio Scanner online is quite simple to do as long as you fulfill a few basic needs, like the use of a computer or similar device with speakers and an internet connection. No big deal for the masses, right? Great I thought so.

Finding a Police Radio Scanner online to listen to is quite easy, you can type in ‘Police Radio Scanner online” into the search engine of your choice and go from there. There are also quite a few great websites that you can visit to listen in on the latest events. Here are some listed below.

One great site is This site has been around for quite some time and they offer a wide range of options to choose from so that you the listener can get exactly what you are looking for. Options include the Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services, Police, Railroad and also air traffic control. In addition to that also offers trunked radio system information and FCC license data. Just type in the URL and click on Live Audio and you are on your way.

Another site you can use to listen to Jacksonville police scanner online free is They offer just about everything has and has different category that you can choose from to help making your use of the site easier and more relevant. Categories include Most Popular, New Feeds, Top Feeds, Official Feeds etc. so users can easily navigate to what they might be looking for in any area of the country. even offers an on the go service, which includes fully featured mobile web site that is supported on most smartphones, and tablets.

Last but not least there that offers users the chance to listen to Jacksonville police scanner online free. There is a wide variety of public safety broadcasts including police, fire, air traffic, public transportation, weather you name it. Finding the scanner on this site might be a little tricky but once you type in “scanner” into the search field you should be able to go from there. You can search by genre i.e. search for scanners within Air, Fire, and so forth. This site tends to show scanners that are in your local geographical area first in search results.

Listen to Jacksonville police scanner online free whether you’re a freelance journalist, trying to catch up on what’s going on in your area or simply just looking for a hobby. No extra equipment and expenditure required, just you computer and your internet connection.