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Do you live in the Louisville area and want to know more about some of the crimes that are taking place around your house? One of the best ways to do this from the comfort of your home is to purchase a police scanner, which lets you listen whenever and wherever you want. However, this option is both expensive and obtrusive, since you have to learn how to use a police scanner and it will often end up taking up space in your attic or garage after a few months. Instead of wasting the money on buying a scanner, you can listen to Louisville police scanner audio online as well.

Listening to a police scanner for free will not only keep you more involved with your hometown, but it will also keep you safer. Not only will you be able to tell where serious crimes are happening immediately, but you will know what the police know when it comes to burglaries, fires, and other major threats to your personal safety. Many police scanners will also reference fire emergencies as well, meaning that you will get full access to any emergencies that could potentially affect you or your loved ones.

There are two major websites that are ideal for listening to scanner audio. The Broadcastify website has a great collection of scanner audio from towns all across the country. Not only do they let you listen in to the scanner audio, but they also work with the Incident Page network to transcribe the incidents so that you can read along and get caught up if you are out of earshot for a bit. The IPS is not the most reliable transcribing service however as incidents can be delayed up to two hours, meaning that you might be waiting for your news if you prefer to read the scanner’s audio.

The second best website to use for Texas police radio codes is TuneIn. This website has a great collection of police radio audio and other fantastic programming. You could listen to TuneIn stations all day and never get tired of their selection. The reason that this isn’t as good for Louisville police scanner audio is that it doesn’t have the same transcribing feature as Broadcastify, which means that you have to spend more time listening to the scanner contents and you aren’t able to get caught up if you miss something.

Both of the two services above will give you crystal clear audio of the Louisville police scanners for your listening enjoyment. Not only are they great resources to listen to Texas radio police codes, but you can also find information about fire emergencies that are occurring in your area. This can give you advance warning if there is a fire in your neighborhood, giving you a head start on protecting yourself and your loved ones. If you’re travelling, visit and to find police scanners in other towns so that you can keep yourself safe while travelling.