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Listen To Live Chicago Police Scanner Online Free – Stream Radio Frequencies

Watch Chicago PD Chasing Robbery Suspect

Here, I’ve explained in detail how to listen to Chicago police scanner online for free.

Going to Google would have confirmed your apprehension of too much data. Out of millions of websites vying for your attention, you need to chose one that is reliable, safe and delivers easily. Let us take am in-depth look at some of the better ones –

1. Chicagoscanner – This is probably the best website for you if you are looking for an easy and hassle free way to listen to the Chicago police scanner. It is built solely for the users of a single city, so there is a very low chance of the website being bogged down under heavy traffic. The stream starts right on the homepage in a web player at the bottom of the page. You can set the scanner to different stations by going to the frequency section of the website and specifying the desired frequency in the web player.
2. radio.gjoy24 – This website is designed like an app and hence is modeled to be simplistic and minimalistic, at least in its functionality. Follow the link or search for Chicago Police in the search box on the top right corner of the screen. The website will then list out all the related fire and police department radios. Click on the one you want and the stream will start. It’s as easy as that.

3. Broadcastify – Broadcastify is an awesome website that looks professional, works flawlessly and has never suffered a downtime due to high traffic. It even supports streaming the feeds directly to the players installed on your pc, like media player, itunes and winamp. Follow the given link or search ‘Chicago’ on the search box for cities at the bottom of the page. Chicago will be listed under exact matches. Click on the ‘Cook’ county. You will get a list of police, fire and railway scanners. The websites lists their status(online/offline) next to them and allows you to select the player for the stream. Select the desired player and click on the feed name or listen button to start the stream.

4. Streema – This is an awesome website that has scanners from almost all over the USA and some parts of Canada and New Zealand too. Just open the website, type ‘Chicago’ in the search box in the top right corner of the page and hit enter. You will get a list of cities in the middle of page with Chicago being the first option. Click on the link and you will come up with all the radio stations in Chicago. Hit the ‘scanner’ link under genre and you will get the links to the scanners for police and fire department. Click on whatever you want to stream and you are good to go.

These websites are not the only ones that help you listen to police scanners in Chicago, but they are definitely some of the best. They have been around for a long time and hence are trusted by the community. You don’t need to worry about malware or viruses from these websites.

I hope you found this article helpful and that you have an easy time finding a police scanner next time you need one.