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Listen To Fort Worth Police Radio Scanner Online Free Live Frequencies

Watch Wild Police Chase Below (Fort Worth Police Dept):

Believe it or not listening to a Fort Worth police radio scanner online has become a great hobby for citizens of Fort Worth who want to see what the cops and firefighters are doing to protect their great city. Sure, I suppose the smart criminal does it so her or she won’t get caught but most people use it because it can be better than watching the news. So below are some of the best places to hear a police radio scanner online.

Broadcastify. If you go to you will find literally thousands of local government radio feeds for a free police radio scanner online including fire departments, police departments, aircraft feeds, railroad feeds, and even down to amateur radio feeds. In truth, there is really no downside to this website because for the radio ban enthusiast this is pretty much the Google of online free local radio.

Now if you want to listen to your home town police radio scanner online simply go to the Listen tab, scroll down on it and click on Browse Feeds. Once you’ve done that you’ll get a map of the entire country, and since you’re from Fort Worth what you’ll want to do is click on the state, then the county the city is in. In this case it is Fort Worth, so you’ll want to click on Texas, then Tarrant county and once you do that you’ll be in Fort Worth. Or instead of doing that you could type in the zip code or city and state.

After you get there you’ll be given a list of local ban radio stations, or alternatively you can just click on Launch County Web Player. Either way, pick Fort Worth Police Dispatch, click play, and you’re all set.

Tune In. It’s a bit simpler where you can just type in the search bar Fort Worth Police and it’ll take you to the Fort Worth Police Dispatch with the only down side being you have to have Windows 7 to play it. You can play it without Windows 7 if you don’t mind the annoying notice you get after you switch to a different station saying you don’t have the plugin for the player. But on the website itself you can listen to anything that’s on the radio whether you want to listen to your favorite radio station or if you want to just listen in to the Fort Worth police department.

Streema. This one’s really simple, just type in your city and the phrase “police” in the search box in the upper far right and it’ll take you straight to the search results. Click on the one that says Northeast Tarrant Police and Fire (that’s the Fort Worth scanner) and press play.

Google Play. Yes, even Google has it’s own scanner. However, it’s meant to be a cell phone app so if you want to use it on your desktop you’ll have to download it to your computer.

There are of course many other websites out there that do the trick in case you just don’t want to buy a new police scanner, and if that is the case then simply try out any of the four websites I listed and I’m sure you’ll be happy if you’re into listening to the Fort Worth police ban radio.